The architect’s vision

Stroll into Waterside and it’s like entering another world.

As you pass between the imposing pillars at the entrance – it’s a private estate – you leave everyday life and noise behind. The first things that strike you are the cobbled road and paths, leading between planted borders and exotic trees…. and the houses – where did these designs come from? Traditional certainly, but perhaps with a continental flavour. Think Bruges perhaps, maybe Amsterdam, and you get the idea. Drive – or walk – it seems only natural to walk down the centre of the roads – most people do – and a fascinating display of different houses and cottages unfolds. On the right, hanging gardens over the garages, arches to hidden courtyards, wrought iron gates to a private staircase.

Progress further, and a narrow lane disappears through a broken arch to the right, while to the front the road leads between more houses towards the river. Suddenly the vista unfolds – a small harbour on the right, private riverside parkland on the left. Walk along the Quay to the right, separated by iron railings and flowering trees from the road, and the striking designs of the waterfront houses become apparent, different bricks, coloured rendering, and even, surprisingly, glass balconies – the clever fusion of traditional and modern is both eyecatching and exciting.

At the far end you meet that lane again, winding back between the houses and cottages, passing walled gardens, more hidden corners, and everywhere planted borders. The overall effect is extraordinary. Within easy reach of the village centre, with shops, supermarket, public transport nearby, yet enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the open countryside, the Waterside can rightly call itself unique.”

Our current build programme covers the first five properties on Wishbone Lane.

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